Enroll or Modify Benefits

See the Benefits Enrollment quick guide and detailed guide for instructions on how to enroll in Yale benefits. To view or modify benefit selections, see Workday@Yale Guide

Updating Your Information in Workday@Yale

To update personal information, set up direct deposit, or to access/manage benefits, see Workday@Yale Guide

Health Coverage and other Major Benefits

Consult Section 2 of the Postdoctoral Policies for policies on benefits for postdoctoral fellows and associates. Visit Yale Benefits for comprehensive descriptions of postdoc benefits, and contact the Employee Service Center, 203-432-5552, if you have questions.

Counseling Services

Postdoc fellows and associates enrolled in Yale Health have access to Magellan Healthcare for confidential mental health assistance. Call 1-800-327-9240 any time day or night. Postdoctoral associates additionally have access to Yale’s Personal Wellness Signature Benefits (link coming May 2021) for support on stress, grief, relationships, and other counseling needs. 

Gym Membership

Postdocs and spouses/partners are eligible for Payne Whitney Gym membership for a fee. Visit the Payne Whitney Gym Membership site for more information and current rates. 

Library Access

Postdocs and spouses/partners have free access to the University library, YSM library, and online journal subscriptions.

Student Loan deferment

Some student loans from U.S. lending institutions are eligible for payment deferment during postdoctoral training. Deferment decisions are made by the lending institution and not by Yale. If your lending institution allows postdoctoral deferments, request a deferment form and bring it to the Office for Postdoctoral Affairs for processing. We are unable to complete deferment forms that require us to attest that you are an enrolled student at Yale.