Mentoring Resources

Mentoring (both given and received) is an integral part of the postdoc experience. To help postdocs initiate and sustain good mentoring relationships with their faculty mentor or other members of the Yale community, we have provided several resources below.

  1. The Postdoc Compact, provided by the American Association of Medical Colleges; and the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services’ Office of Research Integrity’s guide to mentoring international postdocs.  
  2. Individual Development Plan, developed by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology’s Science Policy Committee
  3. IDP evaluation form

Mentoring Prize

In 2022 the office of the Provost and the Yale Postdoctoral Association awarded the inaugural Yale Mentoring Award for postdoctoral scholars. This award recognizes postdoctoral scholars who exemplify the role of a mentor to their undergraduate students or postgraduates. The winner of the prize is chosen based on recommendations from mentees.  


Dr. Cristina Decavoli, Postdoctoral Associate in Chemistry

Dr. Elizabeth Forbes, Postdoctoral Associate in Biology

Dr. Isaac Mooney, Postdoctoral Associate in Physics

Dr. Soraya Scuderi, Associate Research Scientist, Child Study Center


Dr. Lisa Baik, Postdoctoral Fellow in Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology

Dr. Erynn Johnson, Postdoctoral Fellow in Earth & Planetary Sciences

Dr. Li Yan McCurdy, Postdoctoral Fellow in Psychiatry

Dr. Valerie Tornini, Associate Research Scientist in Genetics

Dr. Soumya Yandamuri, Postdoctoral Fellow in Neurology


Dr. Nicholas Ader, Postdoctoral Fellow in Cell Biology

Dr. Vidyadhara DJ, Postdoctoral Associate in Neurology & Neuroscience