Salaries & Taxes

Salary Guidelines

The University annually sets minimum standards for postdoctoral and postgraduate appointees compensation


The University withholds state, federal, and FICA taxes from the salaries of employees, including postdoctoral associates. The tax situation for postdoctoral fellows is more complicated, however, and depends on the fellow’s source of income, nation of origin, and immigration and residency status. In general, Yale does not withhold taxes from the stipends of fellows, but fellows are responsible for paying state and federal income taxes. They do not have to pay FICA taxes. Please consult the Yale Tax Office for more information.

The Yale Tax Office has released a memo discussing tax policies related to U.S. and U.S. Permanent Resident postdoctoral fellows, and this memo may be downloaded in pdf format from this link, Tax Memo.

International Taxes

International postdoctoral fellows and associates should refer to the International Tax Office website for additional tax information.   We also recommend that you refer to the  Office of International Students & Scholars website to help understand your tax obligations while in the U.S.

Useful links

Yale Tax Compliance Office 
IRS website   
Electronic Federal Tax Payment System - tax payment service (for fellows who pay quarterly taxes)
State of Connecticut
Tax guide for Postdoc Fellows