Postdoc Compensation

Yale’s postdoctoral compensation minimums are updated annually on July 1 and effective to June 30 of the following year.  The minimums apply to all postdoctoral associates and to postdoctoral fellows as permitted by their specific funding arrangements. 

Yale Postdoctoral Compensation Minimums effective July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024

         Years 1-4   $65,000

         Years 5-6  $68,000

Compensation Above Salary

Compensation above salary (“extra comp”) for postdoctoral fellows and associates is expected to be rare and granted only in exceptional circumstances. Requests for compensation above salary must be made in advance to the Office for Postdoctoral Affairs. Please review the university policies on extra compensation prior to making a request.

Send all requests and documentation (preferably as PDF attachments) to in advance of the monthly payroll deadline:
  • Faculty supervisor approval.
  • Visa holders, contact your OISS advisor. This may not be allowable under their visa, or it can require an update to their documents.
  • Confirmation of funding approval for both the regular compensation and compensation above salary.     

For Postdoctoral Fellows, see above guidance on Sponsored Payments of Compensation, Augmentation of Stipends and review the funder’s policy for compliance.

For Postdoctoral Associates, compliance with federal funds and effort reporting are covered in OSP policies 1315, 1316 and 1403. Provide confirmation of approval from the grants administrator or OSP as appropriate.

  • Provide the amount and hours worked in the month. Confirm the standard hourly rate or confirm that others doing similar work are paid the same rate.
  • Relocation expenses must follow the controller’s office policies. Ensure that they are reviewed by your business office and/or Lead Admin prior to being included in an invitational letter to the candidate.