Promotions & Title Changes


Important Note: International Scholars and Changes

Report any change in title to OISS prior to making the change itself. A discrepancy in appointment title could put the international scholar at risk of not maintaining legal immigration status. Please contact your OISS Advisor to report any changes.



A. Postgrad to Postdoc 

#1: Postdoctoral appointees who were initially hired into the postgraduate rank only while awaiting completion of doctoral degree requirements…

  1. Update the academic appointment to postdoc in Workday by following Academic: Managing Appointments  guide. Use Reason Code ‘Update Academic Appointment - Promotion - Promotion in Track.
  2. Change position in Workday to postdoc by following Change Job: In Track Promotion (Academic) guide.

#2: Appointees hired as true postgrads who eventually complete a doctoral degree and decide to remain at Yale as a postdoc

  1. Treat as a new postdoctoral hire and follow steps of an Initial Appointment.

B. Postdoc to Associate Research Scientist (ARS)

  1. Visit Central Campus Faculty Affairs or YSM Faculty Affairs to determine which documents and requirements are necessary for the promotion.
  2. Create a job requisition for the ARS position. Do NOT create a Pre-Hire. Use the Hire Faculty Process guide.  
  3. Move the appointee from the Training Track to the Research Track. Use the Change Job: Track Type Category (Academic) guide.
  4. End the postdoctoral academic appointment. Use the Academic: Managing Appointments guide.
  5. Add the new ARS academic appointment.  Use the Academic: Managing Appointments guide.

Title Changes

PDA / PDF transitions

  1.  Update the  academic appointment in Workday by following Academic: Managing Appointments  guide. Use Reason Code ‘Change of Appointment Details > Fellow/Associate Rank.’
  2.  Change position title in Workday by following Change Job: Convert PDA to PDF guide.
  3.  If switching from PDA to PDF, please send funding documentation to Postdoctoral Affairs.