Benefits/ 2.1 Health and Dental Coverage

As employees of the University, postdoctoral associates are entitled to fully or partially subsidized membership in one of the available health plans offered by Yale, for themselves, their families, and civil union partners, subject to specific plan provisions. 
Postdoctoral fellows are eligible to enroll in the same health plans, and this membership may be subsidized in whole or in part, to the extent that funds for this purpose are included in the fellowship or are supplemented by the faculty mentor or the department.                     
Postdoctoral Fellows not receiving a Yale University paycheck and not able to enroll for benefits using Yale’s Workday, are eligible to enroll with Yale Health’s Postdoctoral Fellow Membership Health Coverage Program. Additional information, monthly rates and the process of how to enroll can be found on Yale Health’s Unpaid Postdoc Fellows webpage.
Postdoctoral appointees are also eligible to enroll in dental coverage made available by the University on the terms offered to M&P employees and members of the faculty.  All postdoctoral appointees must have evidence of health insurance coverage during their appointment.