Appointment Information

Please see the linked guide below as a helpful start to Workday and Postdocs:
Postdoctoral Appointment Information

  • Funding – Postdoctoral appointments are paid appointments. Individuals are not able to self-support from personal funds.
  • Initial Letter to Candidates - Be sure to use the correct STARS link to apply, when communicating with new candidates (Add the correct Job Posting number to the end of the link followed by “BR”):
  • Appointment Letter -Will be generated as a final communication in STARS after new candidates are hired, preparers will be copied.
  • Required Documentation - Should be uploaded by the candidate in the candidate profile within STARS.
    1. two letters of recommendation (does not need to be uploaded in STARS);
    2. CV;
    3. Proof of degree should be uploaded in STARS for new candidates (a copy of the diploma or an authorized transcript showing completion of the degree, with an English translation if necessary). If the appointee has not officially received his doctorate yet, s/he is required to upload a letter in STARS from the degree-granting institution stating that all of the degree requirements have been met and stating when the degree will be conferred. An English translation of this letter should be provided if necessary;
    4. Proof of alternative health insurance if not provided by Yale
    5. For International Appointees - The business office will contact the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) to initiate the visa process. Visa approval may take 3 - 6 months
    6. Creating New Requisitions- The business office should complete a Requisition in Workday, and continue to complete a Requisition in STARS.


Appointing Postdocs and Postgrads

  1. Use the “Create Job Req: Academic: Hire Postdocs (STARS)” guide to create a requisition within Workday. Within 30 minutes you will receive an email notification that the req has been routed automatically to STARS.
  2. Use “Finalize STARS Job Posting: Other Academic (Postdoc)” guide to complete the req in STARS.  Save the req.
  3. OPDA will review the req and open/post it.  You will receive an email notification that the req has been posted.
  4. Send the Initial Communication to the candidate.
  5. After the candidate applies, OPDA will initiate the background check, create the New Hire Form, and hire the candidate into Workday.

Appointing Laboratory Associates and Visiting Fellows

  • Complete the LA/VF application (YSM version or Central Campus version) and submit it, along with the CV, to the Office for Postdoctoral Affairs.
  • If the application is approved, refer to the Academic: Hire Contingent Worker (Non-STARS) guide on the Workday site to do the following steps:

                   Create a Workday Pre-Hire

                   Create a Workday Requisition

                   Contract the Contingent Worker

  • Use the Manage Academic Appointments guide on the Workday site to add an academic appointment.
  • Send the candidate a LA/VF new hire letter.  A template is provided in the Forms section of our website.
  • Submit the signed new hire letter, along with the candidate’s proof of funding and health insurance, to the Office for Postdoctoral Affairs.
  • OPDA will review the Workday data and candidate documents prior to approving the hire in Workday.
  • Note- If a dummy Social Security number is needed contact Michele Tomasi

Postdoctoral Affairs’ Role:

  • Approve the STARS Requisition (Complete a Requisition in Workday first
  • Review the Candidate Profile (Business Offices will be contacted if further information is needed)
  • Initiate the Background Check
  • Create the New Hire Form (OPA will request dummy Social Security numbers)
  • Hire the Candidate in STARS (STARS will update Workday)
  • Approve Business Processes in Workday (Re-appointments, Compensation Requests, Terminations, Title Changes, etc.)