Postgraduate Associate, Yale School of Medicine, Department of Genetics (Lake Lab)

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Position: Postgraduate Associate, Yale School of Medicine, Department of Genetics (Lake Lab)

Introduction & Overview

We are seeking motivated postgraduate researchers to join our growing and dynamic team in the Yale Center of Genomic Health and Department of Genetics, Yale School of Medicine. Our lab uses functional and computational genomics methods to determine how genetic variation in our mitochondria underlies health and disease. This work has implications across rare and common diseases, and other processes such as development and aging. We also prioritize translating our research into practical tools that benefit research and clinical communities.

We have experimental or computational projects available, and highly value diversity of backgrounds in our team. The appointment is for 1 year, with the possibility to extend to 2 years. The start date can be flexible, and as soon as January 2024.

The lab is located in the Department of Genetics in the Yale School of Medicine which offers an outstanding training environment for postgraduate scientists, with state-of-the-art facilities and resources to support career development. For more information about our lab see our website:

Responsibilities, Training & Education

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to learn cutting-edge techniques in functional or computational genomics. For experimental candidates, this includes genome editing techniques, single cell studies, and a range of molecular techniques. For computational candidates, this includes analysis of various genomic data and high-performance computing.

General responsibilities include:

  • Perform research analyses and experiments
  • Generate, analyze, and organize data
  • Attend and present at lab meetings and journal clubs
  • Maintain lab notebooks or code, and support lab operations as needed
  • Positively contribute to lab culture

Mentoring & Career Development

The Lake Lab has a strong emphasis on mentorship and values the opportunity to train junior scientists. The Principal Investigator will work with the successful candidate to develop and implement a mentorship plan tailor-made for their goals, interests, and needs, and provide ongoing support for the advancement of research and career goals via regular meetings. Supporting candidates to achieve authorship on at least one manuscript will be a priority.

The successful candidate will also gain access to a wide range of career development opportunities at Yale. This includes opportunity to attend Yale seminars and other departmental events, as well as professional development and networking activities via the Yale Postgraduate Association, Yale Office for Postdoctoral Affairs, and other offices at Yale.


Candidates should have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in either genetics, genomics, molecular biology, computational biology, bioinformatics, or a related field.

They should demonstrate enthusiasm for science; prior experience with research projects is desirable but not required. For candidates interested in experimental projects, experience with standard molecular techniques or a laboratory environment is a plus. For candidates interested in computational projects, experience with programming languages is required.

The ideal candidate will also demonstrate:

  • A high level of drive and initiative
  • Ability to work as part of a team and independently
  • Eagerness to learn new skills
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Good organizational skills
  • An understanding of genetics or molecular biology.

Application Process

To apply, please email Dr. Nicole Lake at using the subject ‘Postgraduate Application-Lake Lab’ and include (1) a cover letter summarizing your experiences, research interests, and career goals, and why you are interested in joining our lab, (2) your CV, including contact details of three references, and (3) when you are available to start.

For further information and inquiries about this position, please contact Dr. Lake or visit the lab website at

Yale University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity employer. Yale values diversity among its students, staff, and faculty and strongly welcomes applications from women, persons with disabilities, protected veterans, and underrepresented minorities.

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Monday, December 4, 2023