Leaving Yale


Just prior to completing your postdoctoral position, you may request a certificate acknowledging your training at Yale.  To begin the process, please contact your departmental business office 1 month prior to departure to request a certificate. Please note that certificates are available only to postdoctoral fellows and associates and are not intended for postgraduate or clinical trainees. 

Exit Survey

Upon leaving Yale, we ask that you complete our exit survey.  The survey is painless and takes about 15 minutes to complete. The survey enables you to rate your experience and describe your career plans.  Completing the exit survey also initiates invitations to join 3 important organizations:

  • The Yale Career Network - Purpose is to communicate with Yale Alumni around the world
  • The Office of Career Strategy - Gains access to job opportunities from employers who specifically seek out Yalies
  • The Association of Yale Alumni - Provides Yale Alumni status to you and offers an aya.yale.edu gmail account. (Invitations to join the AYA are sent only in January and July of each year, so please be patient while awaiting your invitation!)

We will contact you by email within a few weeks of your departure from Yale to invite you to take the surevy. If you have already left Yale, you can access it at https://yalesurvey.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_7U00yQ27Pt2gN9j

Please note: You will be asked to authenticate your identity by entering your Yale NetID. The NetID does not need to be active to complete the survey.