Reappointing a Postdoc

Annual IDP Reports

Upon reappointment of postdoctoral fellows and associates on the Central Campus, yearly evaluations are required. The Annual IDP Report is completed and signed by both the faculty mentor and the postdoc and is intended to foster discussion between the faculty mentor and postdoc about the postdoc’s progress.


Raises are provided at reappointment. The minimum salary requirements are shown below.

Yale Minimum effective July 1, 2016

1st   year postdoc    $42,840
2nd year postdoc    $44,556
3rd  year postdoc    $46,344
4th  year postdoc    $48,192
5th  year postdoc    $50,112
6th  year postdoc    $52,116

Yale Minimum effective December 1, 2016

1st   year postdoc   $47,484
2nd year postdoc   $47,844
3rd  year postdoc   $48,216
4th  year postdoc   $50,316
5th  year postdoc   $52,140
6th  year postdoc   $54,228

Term limits

Individuals generally hold postdoctoral appointments at Yale University for no longer than four years, although they may be appointed for a fifth or sixth year when necessary. The total term of postdoctoral appointments may not exceed six years, including previous postdoctoral experience at other institutions.