Benefits/ 2.7 Auditing University Courses

Postdoctoral appointees and their spouses or civil union partners are eligible to audit (not for credit and not recorded on a transcript) University courses in the Graduate School and Yale College during the academic year.  Classes audited by postdoctoral appointees should be consistent with the appointees’ training objectives, and appointees should discuss their plans with their mentors to ensure that the coursework does not interfere with research activities.  Postdoctoral appointees must have the permission of the instructor to audit classes.  In the case of spouses or civil union partners wishing to audit undergraduate courses, approval of the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs is required in addition to permission of the individual instructor.  For Graduate School courses, approval of the appropriate associate dean of the Graduate School is required.  Each professional school sets its own policies concerning the auditing of courses.  Information about these policies can be obtained from the dean’s office of each school.