Health Insurance and other Major Benefits

As described in the Policies for Postdoctoral Appointments CLICK HERE, there are two types of Yale postdocs: fellows and associates. The benefits for each are different and are summarized on Yale’s Benefits website as shown below. Please visit this site to learn about health insurance, dental insurance, and other benefits for postdocs.

Postdoctoral Associate benefits:

Postdoctoral Fellows benefits:

Signing Up for Benefits

You must sign up for benefits within 30 days of your start date at Yale. Failure to enroll in benefits within this time period will exclude you from participating in any of the university’s benefits, and you will not be eligible to enroll again until an annual “Open Enrollment” period. Open Enrollment usually occurs in December each year.

Enrollment in Yale’s benefit plans is done completely online. To access the enrollment site, click on Workday from It’s Your Yale website.  Once on this site, follow the links to the benefits enrollment pages. Once on this site, follow the links to the benefits enrollment pages. Note that you need a NetID and password in order to sign up for benefits, which means that most postdocs will not be able to enroll until after their
initial start date.

The Yale Health Plan

Both postdoctoral fellows and associates are eligible for health insurance through the university. The main health insurance plan is the Yale Health Plan. All of the plan’s doctors and services are in one building, the University Health Services Center. Members of the Yale Health Plan may go to this building for routine doctor visits, medical tests, and 24 hour urgent care. The University Health Services Center is located at 55 Lock Street. Visit or call 203-432-0246 for more information about the building and about the Yale Health Plan.